Turn Your Blog Into A Book

You have taken all that time to blog, now turn it into a book!

This book documented the first year of this sweet baby girl's life. Below you will be able to view 15 pages of this 108 page book I recently finished. Over 100 posts, 400 photographs, and countless memories preserved in this one of a kind blog book. Be sure to click on FULL SCREEN for the best view!



Here are some of the layouts I have finished lately. I offer a wide verity of layout options. There is 2 page spreads, scrapbook pages, fun backgrounds, classic photos and text. I customize it to fit your needs.

(Click on photo to see layouts bigger.)

7x7 Square Photo Books

This is a 7x7 Photo book. It is hardcover book with about 40 pages. The side view pictures are for you to get an idea of how thick it will be with 40 pages. The picture with two books in it is to compare the 7x7 square book and the 8x10 landscape book sizes. In this photo book I put pictures on only the right side pages and quotes on the left pages. These kind of photo books are perfect for Gifts, Mother's day, Father's day, Graduations, Birthdays, etc....